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These cookies are required for the proper functioning and security of the website. They do not contain any of your personal information.

The following cookies belong to this group:


CSRF stands for cross-site request forgery, a common form of website attack. The CSRF token is a randomly generated string that only your browser and the server use to ensure that no third party has intervened to make fake server requests.


The session Id is assigned to you on your first visit on the site and is used to keep track of the state of your website visit. In contrast to the unique user name, the session works also with anonymous users and it expires after a certain time. Long term data storage is linked to your username and only works for registered users.


This cookie is simply used to store the information which cookies you accept, so we don't have to ask you on every site visit again.


These cookies are used to measure the usage and performance of the website. It is an essential source of information for the developer in order to improve the site. As they are not essential for the basic working of the website, you can decline the usage.

The following cookies belong to this group:


Google analytics is a third party tool to track how users interact with this website. This allows us to view statistics such as traffic, average time on site, geographic location of visitors etc. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website will be transmitted to and processed by Google on servers in the USA.

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