What is BRIT?

The Bioresource Information Tool (BRIT) provides information about sources, quantities and properties of residue-based bioresources. It is an open source, open data tool and this instance is hosted by the Hamburg University of Technology. You explore case studies from the FLEXIBI and SOILCOM project, as well as raw data from these projects and other sources. This tool is under constant development. We highly appreciate any kind of feedback.


News & Updates

Completion of SOILCOM Project

SOILCOM is an INTERREG North Sea Region project, co-funded by the European Union. Through this project, BRIT was extended with the Household Waste Collection module with waste stream data for the whole NSR. It also allowed a substantial improvements of the previous prototype.


Explore maps of sources of bioresources found in the implemented case studies. You can filter and find out more about the spatial distribution of potential resources.

This is a database of materials that are bioresources found in the implemented case studies. It characterizes the material composition and its seasonal change.

Bioresources are generated in various ways. This module provides models for sources of bioresources.

Inventories are case studies about which bioresources are available in a given region. Explore ready case studies from our research projects or create your own scenarios.

This is a library of sources that contain valuable information about bioresources. The sources can be explored and managed here. Any source from the library can be referred to in the respective models in the other modules.