Welcome to the Bioresource Information Tool!

The Bioresource Information Tool (BRIT) provides information about sources, quantities and properties of residue-based bioresources. You explore the case studies that have been created in the FLEXIBI project, change parameters and assumptions to create your own scenarios. This site is the prototype of the system that is still actively developed. If you find any bugs or have feedback, please let us know and write a short note to info@bioresourcetools.net


31.01.2023 - Update 2305

  • German Collections Complete: The dataset of household waste collections now holds data for all 899 independent collection catchments in Germany, including reported collection amounts.
  • Maps UI Update: The user interface for navigating maps has been improved with several changes including loading indication, search catchment boundaries, selection through info popups and tooltips.
  • Filter UI Update: Lists can now be filtered more easily. Where applicable, the search now has autocomplete capabilities. Also, several new filters have been implemented.

This is a library of sources that contain valuable information about bioresources. The sources can be explored and managed here. Any source from the library can be referred to in the respective models in the other modules.

Explore maps of sources of bioresources found in the implemented case studies. You can filter and find out more about the spatial distribution of potential resources.

This is a database of materials that are bioresources found in the implemented case studies. It characterizes the material composition and its seasonal change.

Bioresources are generated in various ways. This module provides models for sources of bioresources.

Inventories are case studies about which bioresources are available in a given region. Explore ready case studies from our research projects or create your own scenarios.


15.07.2022 - Update 2226

  • New Module: Models of bioresource generating source from case studies are now collected in the new module "Sources" in order to facilitate navigation and overview.
  • Design update: Cards for navigation now have a consistent, more eye-pleasing and self-explanatory design.
  • Household Biowaste Collection: Collection can now be navigated through the interactive map as well as a filterable list.