Privacy Policy

BRIT is a platform for information about bioresources and does not generate any profit from collecting user data or placing adds. We, therefore, respect your privacy and try to minimize the storage of personal data to a minimum required to operate the site.

Personal data:

You can use this site without giving us any information about your personal data. However, we need to manage access rights to ensure that only eligible persons can edit data provided on this site. If you want to edit or store data, you need an account. The only required information is a valid e-mail address and a unique username. This information is exclusively used to manage your account (e.g. reset your password, if you forgot yours). We will not contact you in any way for newsletters etc. None of the data will be shared with third parties.

If you e-mail us, your e-mail address and any information that you include in the message will be stored and only used to process your request. Information will only be passed on to third parties, if it is required for processing your request and only the necessary extent.


For the proper functioning, this site requires the usage of some mandatory cookies. Additionally, we would like to use cookies for analysing the site usage and performance. Non-essential cookies are only used with your active consent. For detailed information have a look here

Transparency, modification and deletion of data:

If you want to have detailed information about your stored personal data or want us to modify or delete any of it, please contact us through the above contact data.


This tool is operated and maintained by:

Bioresource Management Group (BIEM)

based at:

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection
Eißendorfer Str. 42
21073 Hamburg, Germany


Phillipp Lüssenhop
Phone: (+49) 40 42878 4292