Greenhouse types
Id Name Heated Lighting Above ground High wire Growth cycle list
1 T1 True False True True ['Tomato']
3 T2 True True True True ['Tomato']
4 T4 True False False True ['Tomato']
5 T5 False False False True ['Tomato']
6 C12C True False True True ['Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
7 C13C True False True True ['Cucumber', 'Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
8 C22C True False True False ['Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
9 C23C True False True False ['Cucumber', 'Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
10 C23C2 True False True False ['Tomato', 'Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
11 C32C True True True True ['Cucumber', 'Cucumber']
Learning material

To learn more about the role of residue-based bioresource from agriculture, check out the Lectures for Future series "Residue and by-Product Based Bioresources" of the Hamburg Open Online University. Recommended lecture for this topic:
"Sustainability in Agriculture: Nitrogen as Valuable Resource and Pollutant"